Atheists and Prophets

Atheist: Your god does not exist.
Christian: What is this “your god” business? I’m not talking about “my god”.
Atheist: Of course you are. Who else’s god would you be talking about?
Christian: Oh! Then you meant to say that your god does not exist.
Atheist: Excuse me? I’m an atheist, remember?
Christian: Exactly. So your god does not exist. Who else’s god would you be talking about?
Atheist: But I don’t have a god, you do.
Christian: You don’t have a god who exists. So much the worse for you.
Atheist: Common notions of god are ontologically impossible.
Christian: Very good: then you are entirely in agreement with the Old Testament prophets.
Atheist: How is that, now?
Christian: The prophets’ gig was to decry idolatry.
Atheist: Yes -- demonstrating just how gullible iron-age humanity was.
Christian: But the prophets were calling them out for that gullibility.
Atheist: Into an equally egregious gullibility. We now have modern science to enlighten us.
Christian: Modern humanity is no less gullible for all that.
Atheist: At least we are finally dispensing with fictitious gods.
Christian: Exactly -- thanks to the prophets. Your position is once again entirely congruent with their message.
Atheist: Do tell.
Christian: The prophets were saying that God (who exists) is not as most folk imagine. For your part, you are saying that gods (as most folk imagine) do not exist. Perfect agreement.
Atheist: Nobody has ever presented to me any god that could possibly exist.
Christian: That’s not a reflection on God; that’s a reflection on those you have talked to.
Atheist: Well, introduce me to a god who exists, then?
Christian: My pleasure .